YouTube Updated Community Guidelines Strike for 2019

YouTube Updated Community Guidelines

On February 25, YouTube Updated Community Guidelines for copyright strikes notices. From now on, a publisher in YouTube will receive a one time warning for the first time, if their content crosses the boundary of guideline. The warning includes the removal of that specific content only.

YouTube Updated Community Guidelines
YouTube Updated Community Guidelinesaz

One time removal of content forces the publisher to take copyright class from YouTube’s copyright school. From there, he/she can get more information on guidelines and copyright policies. With the help of updated detailed example, a publisher will be aware of any policy violation in future.

New Community Guidelines now includes contents over Stories, Thumbnails (Custom) and any links leading to other websites in the description of video.

New YouTube Updated Community Guidelines:

  • First strike freezes ability to publish new content for one week. Also Live streaming and other activities will  be affected. After 90 days, the strike on channel will reach it’s expiry date.
  • If another strike’s received within the first 90 days, the publisher cannot upload any content for next two weeks.
  • And the final strike within 90 day will terminate the account.

Moreover, a detailed information about the violation of policy will be provided to the users. In case of a mistake, appealing decision option is also added which gives publisher’s a chance to make corrections.

YouTube Updated Community Guidelines
YouTube Updated Community Guidelines

These updates in community guidelines and policies ensures that YouTube is the best place for listening, sharing and creating communities. Also, the strike system helps creators to understand the working of content creation and trust of viewers over the community.

Create your own unique content and help others too. YouTube is a huge platform for content creators and YouTube is constantly supporting it’s users to obtain helpful contents while removing and discouraging misleading contents.

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