Windows 10 New Update KB459829 is Cool with Several Bugs Fixed

Finally, the new update of Windows 10 KB459829 is released. With this every Windows 10 user can enjoy the previous bug free user experience. Also several other issues are also being addressed on the same update, while solving the opening of document issue, which is common among most of Windows 10 user.

The Opening of document issue was addressed by most of the user, which normally prevent user to open that specific document if it is stored on the Desktop.

To be specific, the new update is called KB459829, which is mainly focused on solving these annoying bugs faced by Windows 10 user in the past. If you’re Windows 10 user and you want to install this update, it is available for download. But the Automatic Windows Update might do it without you knowing it.

Major bugs addressed by the New KB459829 update are:

Moreover, the new update contains a patch which is set to fix a bug that caused problems with blank lock screens which appears after a device wakes up from Hibernation.

However, the KB459829 is categorized as an optional update, which means you might have to choose to update this manually.

If you want to Update manually, follow these steps:

Remember, you need to install previous updates too, in case of patches like this update. Otherwise, it might not work or update.