USB 4: A New Way to look at USB


USB 4 is the latest version of USB announced after a decade. USB 4 brings you an entirely different and unbelievable experience in the world of USB user.

Announced by USB-IF ( Universal Serial Bus – Implementer Forum ), on first week of March. USB-IF is a non-profit based organization which provides specs or requirements for next gen of USB.

You may know or not, but the announcement of USB 4 is interesting. There are a lot of things you might not have expected in this version of USB.

But first let’s go back to history. The first USB i.e. USB 1 was released in 1996. After that USB 2, USB 3 and USB 4 were released in 2000, 2008 & 2019 respectively.

USB 4 A New Way to look at USB
USB 4 A New Way to look at USB

Summarizing the history shows that, every new version has taken long time to evolve after each successful release. Somehow, the case is bit different for USB 4 because two different updates on USB-3 were released on 2013 and 2017 namely USB-3.1 and USB-3.2.

Now, let’s find out the upgrades of USB version 4. Obviously, speed is going to be the first talk. Speed of USB 4 is going to have max speed of 40 Gbps. This speed is twice than that of USB 3.

Moving towards next interesting feature of USB 4 is Two-Lane support. Each lane has capacity of 20 Gbps. The advantage over Two-Lane data support is that, data can be transferred between two devices at once. For eg:- you can transfer photo from your phone to pc and you can also transfer video from your pc to phone using USB 4 at once.

There is a consequence of using simultaneous data transfer using Two-Lane support. It is simple to understand, because if you are transferring data from your phone to pc then you’ll have approximately 40 Gbps of transfer speed. But if you want to transfer data from both devices simultaneously then transfer speed will be divided into 20 Gbps to each lane.

Talking about compatibility over previous versions of USB is not a problem at all. Surprisingly, thunderbolt 3 support is also available in USB-4 which is totally unexpected and mind blowing feature available in USB till the date.

However, Intel provided royalty-free access for USB-IF to use thunderbolt-3 but Intel itself has not removed thunderbolt port from it’s devices. Which means that, USB 4 will feature thunderbolt 3 but not all the features at all.

Somehow, USB-IF is reducing the wires troubles for it’s user to buy and carry different cables for different purpose.

Official Press release of USB-IF for announcement of USB 4.

USB 4 A New Way to look at USB
USB 4 A New Way to look at USB
USB 4 A New Way to look at USB
USB 4 A New Way to look at USB

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