Sony Finally Revealed Some PS5 Specs

PS5 Specs

Sony finally revealed it’s official details regarding upcoming next gen PS5. All thanks to Mark Cerny, who provided few details in an interview by Wired.

The PS5 is totally mind blowing. With it’s unbelievable performance, we can enjoy almost all of the high specs games with an ease. It’s got a serious hardware upgrade though.

PS5 Specs
PS5 Specs

All the credit behind power is going towards third generation octa core AMD Ryzen CPU. All those components inside the CPU’s are built inside the company’s 7nm AMD Zen 2 micro-architecture. Also a custom AMD GPU based upon Radeon NAVI family will also be available.

The AMD’s custom GPU is used for Ray-Tracing while gaming. A Ray-Tracing is an advanced lighting technique which is only found in High-end Graphics or in a Hollywood Blockbusters.

PS5 Specs
PS5 Specs

In the same interview, Cerny also revealed the 3D audio support. Which means, you can hear sounds from the exact same direction where it is coming from.  And all these audio feature without a proper surround sound setup. Ain’t it amazing?

Not only this, the new console is able to provide output of 8K graphics. More importantly, an SSD is also used which will dramatically reduces rendering and load times. To prove his point, Cerny illustrated the performance by running Spider man game on PS4 Pro and the Under-Development Version of the next gen box.

The time difference was a lot like 15 seconds versus 0.8 seconds. This sounds like a hell of a upgrade. You’d probably want to upgrade to PS5.

After this much improvements, you may think of what about old games. Cerny said the box will be compatible with PS4 titled games as well. This means we can run a PS4 games in the new box as well.

The final bit of a surprise is it’s release date. It’s pretty difficult to find out the actual release date of PS5. But with all these specs and a mind blowing illustration, it may be ready to launch in the beginning of 2020 or at the final moments of 2019.

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