Some Hidden Features for OxygenOS user

Hidden Features for OxygenOS users

Apart from some regular features, we’re going to talk about Hidden Features for OxygenOS users.

With lots of advancement, OxygenOS has made these features available for normal users. So, without any delay let’s begin:


If you’re using a new OnePlus device, then you’re lucky with this feature. What filedash  does is, it provides you an ability to share files. But there is  some restriction for other devices. FileDash is an application, so for other android or iOS devices to use this feature, they’ve to go to to receive the file successfully.

To access FileDash, just long press file you want to share and click the three dot on you top right part of screen. Select FileDash and connect your receiver’s device in the hotspot. And you’re ready to send more files too.

New Nav Bar

Before, every android devices used to open Google Assistant by long pressing home button. But OxygenOS has new navigation system enabled. In this new system, you can use your power button to open up Google Assistant. Just press power button for half a second.

Hidden Features for OxygenOS
Hidden Features for OxygenOS

Keeping the power menu in second priority, you can press home button after google assistant opens up.

Swipe Up After Face Unlock

It means, you can either use faceunlock only to access your home tab. Or you can use the native sliding option along with Face unlock to unlock your device.

Hidden Features for OxygenOS
Hidden Features for OxygenOS

The lock screen provides you an easy visibility over your notifications and messages. If you want your lockscreen back, go to settings, Security & lock screen, face unlock and disable auto unlock option. Just like on the iPhone 10 and 10 S, you can use this feature on your device.

Unique Call Vibration

You may not like the way your phone vibrates. If you are not happy with your phone’s vibration pattern while a call is incoming, you can change that pattern too.

Hidden Features for OxygenOS
Hidden Features for OxygenOS

To customize your call vibration settings, open settings first. Go to sounds, Incoming call vibration pattern and select your desired pattern.

Smart Wi-fi Switcher

With this feature enabled on your device you can enjoy a fluent network. The Smart wi-fi switcher automatically changes your wi-fi to data or other known networks, depending upon the signal strength.

Hidden Features for OxygenOS
Hidden Features for OxygenOS

If you want to enable this feature just open settings first. Go to Wi-Fi & network, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi preferences and then enable Smart Wi-Fi Switcher option.

Deep Clear

Normally you can close previously used apps on any android device. But Deep Clear seems a bit aggressive than normal clear option. It clears background apps along with system app and background services.

Hidden Features for OxygenOS

Enable this option by first hopping to settings. Go to System, recent app management. Finally choose Deep Clear option to enable.

Live Network Speed Status

If you like this Live network Speed status feature, you can enable it in OxygenOS without any problem.

Hidden Features for OxygenOS
Hidden Features for OxygenOS

Open settings first. Go to status bar and enable Display Network Speed.

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