Search Engine Optimization Tips To Rank Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a creative optimization process to which improves the availability of your site in search engines. And it’ll obviously increases the traffic to your site followed by organic search. Google and other search engine uses a crawler to find  and  collect relevant information on the article that can be useful to the users.

SEO Tips

  • Select best URL that describes your article type.
  • Always use Title and Meta description.
  • Don’t forget to put alt text to images.
  • Add some links to your other articles which is related to the current article.
  • Use the title in permalink
  • Always use medium sized image.
  • Delete unnecessary plugins.
  • Provide the link to other website with similar content.
  • Don’t miss the update in your site.
  • Use the focus keyword as the word which describes the whole topic.
  • Always use more than 300 words. The more words will attracts more traffic.
  • The slug and meta description must contain focus keyword.
  • Also add related keyphrase.
Search Engine Optimization Tips To Rank Your Website
Search Engine Optimization Tips To Rank Your Website
  • Use the relevant tags that describes your article. At first use one word keyword, then only more than  one word keyword.
  • Always submit your posts to Google Search Console.
  • Analyse your viewers activity through Google Analytics.
  • Use Google Webmasters Tools for betterment of your site.
  • Don’t use active and passive voice more than requirement.
  • Use subheadings to provide information.
  • If the paragraph is long, then break it to another paragraph.
  • You can also use plugins to improve your SEO.
  • Follow up the best SEO tutorial available.
  • Don’t copy paste other’s content.
  • Read google policies for better understanding of googles SEO.

SEO Tools For Beginners
As a beginner, you must be searching for tools which can rank your site higher. Then you’ve came to the right place. In this blog i’m showing you those 5 essential tools for SEO which has power to fulfill your dream. A little hardwork and patience along with this tool can rank you higher almost at the top. So without a due let’s get started for Best 5 SEO tools For Beginners. Check the SEO of our site by searching TheCosmoTech in any search engine.

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