How to take Screenshot on Samsung S20

The process of “How to Take Screenshot on Samsung S20” has several alternative methods. Plus, it can be applied with other Samsung Phones as well in order to take Screenshots.

Answer to Screenshot on Samsung, has two different ways. One is new technique or latest way to Screenshot. While, the other is traditional method used from the beginning on every Samsung devices.

Palm Swipe Method

Let’s go with the Latest Screenshot method for our Samsung devices. The latest method is a feature added to Samsung devices called Palm Swipe. Usually, Palm Swipe is unknown to many Samsung user till these days.

However, using Palm Swipe on Samsung kind-of feels like futuristic, it needs to be activated manually though. You can use following steps in order to Activate Palm Swipe Screenshot on your Samsung Smartphone.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Now tap in Advanced Features.
  • Go Inside Motions and Gestures. ( You might see this option too ” Screenshots and screen recorder “ )
  • Toggle on Palm Swipe to Capture (Screenshot).

With these steps, you can easily activate the Palm Swipe feature on your Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and Z Flip too. Now, in order to take a Screenshot, Simply Swipe the edge of your hand Horizontally from right to left or left to right, and from edge to edge.

On the official guide by Samsung, you have to make sure that the hand stays in contact ( Not on Phone Contact Numbers – It’s a joke) with the screen while capturing Screenshot.

Traditional Method

Nevertheless, traditional method of taking Screenshot on Samsung as well as other Android ( Which is almost same ) devices has been so popular till these date.

In order to take Screenshot using traditional method on your Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and Samsung Z flip, follow the step below:

  • Press The Power Key and Volume Down Key at once.

This is the only step you’ve to follow while capturing Screenshot on your Samsung Smartphone. It’s so easy, Fast and Simple. No need to activate settings as well.

What to do after Capturing Screenshot?

Samsung galaxy s20
Samsung Galaxy S20

Unlike other Android Smartphones, Samsung S20’s will provide you a preview right after you successfully took a Screenshot. Which then, gives you other options in order to perform more in depth editing the Screenshot, to make it more useful.

Those options can be found on bottom part of the screen on your Samsung Galaxy S20 series. Important ( Basic ) options like drawing on the image, cropping the screenshot and sharing directly from the menu are available.

Moreover, you’ll find a new and unique option called Scroll Capture.

What is Scroll Capture? How Can I do it?

Scroll capture is also a way to take a screenshot. But Scroll Capture is a more useful feature available on Android, which lets you take scrolling screenshots of long article or images.

Just like Palm Capture, you need to enable Scroll Capture in order to take scrolling Screenshot. Therefore, follow these steps in order to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on your Samsung using Scroll Capture:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Now tap in Advanced Features.
  • Go Inside Motions and Gestures. ( You might see this option too ” Screenshots and screen recorder “ )
  • Toggle on Scroll Capture (Screenshot).

The perfect use of this feature can be found in PDF. While reading PDF, or even reading articles, you might want to save certain pages that you find useful. This is where you use Scroll Capture and Take a long Screenshot.

However, the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 9 has another way of accessing or activating Scroll Capture feature. In order to take long Screenshot,

  • Take out your S pen which activates Air Command.
  • Choose Screen Write.
  • Finally, choose Scroll Capture.

Now you can take long Screenshot of long text or image by scrolling by your S pen.

How to Take more out of Screenshot on Samsung?

There’s more to Screenshot than mentioned above. You can select certain shapes while taking Screenshot. A feature called Smart Select let’s you do so. If you want to activate Smart Select to capture screenshot on different shape, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Display.
  • Then Open Edge Screen option.
  • Finally, tap on Edge Panels.

With these option enabled, you can now perform various techniques to capture Screenshot on your device.

Steps to enable these Screenshot features might not be same on other Android devices, but the way to capture Screenshot is same and have same features after capturing.

Thank You!