Scope or Application Areas of Multimedia

Areas of Multimedia

Multimedia has become a popular technology in these days. It can be termed as a presentation which involves two or more performing at the same time where the media can be text, graphics, audio, animation, video, and data. It simply can be defined as the integration of many media together. The main ultimate theme of using multimedia is interactivity. In the early days, computers were used for only computing jobs  and only the computer games contain the multimedia. After the advancement of various technologies and CPU which does support multimedia features, now it has been implemented widely in different fields. It has totally changed the  behavioral aspects of mankind.
Multimedia is technology which stores data as text, photo, pictures, music, sound, graphics, film and animation and gives the methods to collect and modify the data as desired. The application area of multimedia are:

Types of Multimedia
Types of Multimedia
  • Education through Multimedia
    Multimedia educational computing is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today. Multimedia activities encourage students to work in groups, express their knowledge in multiple ways, solve problems, revise their own work, and construct knowledge. Multimedia offers portability, flexibility, individualized learning and a broader view of the world. Multimedia makes an application or programs more interactive and user friendly. Multimedia based education greatly enhances traditional education by providing the student with options of individual attention at his own pace.
  • Multimedia Presentation
    Multimedia presents information in a variety of forms involving the use of more of our sense. Hence, multimedia presentations can be used to better explain a subject matter to the students because it enhances the comprehension capability of the students. It is extremely effective in getting across new ideas and concepts. Moreover, it helps in making a presentation more interesting, and has the inevitable effect of grabbing and holding a person’s attention.
  • Multimedia Kiosks
    A multimedia kiosks is a computer terminal for public usage which can perform multi functional services with multiple media applications. Therefore a multimedia kiosk can deliver visual information in the form of text and images, audio  which might include music, talking, or sound effects and it can also show videos.  Multimedia kiosks are generally placed in a public place where people can access the information that the kiosks contains. In today’s society with the Internet generation, a multimedia kiosks is the ideal way to information across to young people quickly, easily and effectively.
  • Multimedia in Medicine
    Multimedia is normally used for different types of presentations and briefings. In medicine, multimedia is being used at large  scale for training the doctors on surgeries. Multimedia is also used for training the doctors in real world operations live from operation theaters. Multimedia is also getting  more and more grounds in medicine and other high tech fields.
  • Multimedia in Business
    Businesses can use multimedia in many different ways. Some bigger businesses, like those in the tourism industry will advertise and send out video brochures to perspective visitors. Watching a video of blue seas and nightlife in a resort setting is a great seller. Businesses also use multimedia programs as part of their everyday business procedures. Software such as PowerPoint is used as a teaching aid throughout the world in company seminars and workshops.
  • Multimedia in Entertainment
    Multimedia can be used as entertainment in several ways. For one, multimedia entails both video and flash based games. It also includes online trivia puzzles, along with sports and other games as well. Some multimedia programs also include chat options, as well as internal movie and music players too.

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