Samsung Galaxy X Price, Release Date, Leaks and Rumors

Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung Galaxy X is a new dimension to smartphone industry. A fold-able phone, like a paper. Few years ago, we could only imagine about such a phone. But this year in 2019, Samsung is unveiling the Samsung Galaxy X – A fold-able Smartphone.

Besides a lot of rumors and leaks Samsung finally provided a glimpse on its flexible phone Samsung Galaxy X on November 7, 2018. On Samsung’s Annual Developer Conference which was  held in San Francisco, Justin Denison (SVP of marketing), provided a glimpse of the phone. The crowd appreciated the phone with an applause.

Officially, the phone’s got no name. Only it’s screen has name called Infinity Flex. Moreover, the display will be available in various products of Samsung. Mostly, Laptops and tablets will also have the Infinity Flex Display, said DJ Koh.

With this new display, Samsung expects a huge change in Smartphone market. Not only this, but the fold-able screen can solve the possible issues in 5G network.

Samsung Galaxy X
Samsung Galaxy X

With a glimpse and a lot of rumor of Samsung Galaxy X, there is no official release date available till now. But it can be expected to be unveiled on February 20, 2019. The date where all the Samsung Galaxy S10 model are rumored to be released officially.

Obviously, price will be higher in case of this specific flexible smartphone. If it is combined with 5G, then you have to add $300-$400 more in your current thought. But for now, we can expect Galaxy X model to have 4G and 5G supports. If it happens, then there will be price flexibility and consumer satisfaction.

Talking about the leaks from korea times, Samsung Galaxy X is going to have a price tag of 2 million Korean won mark. About £1,365 without tax. This is really a premium price level. If you are going to buy this Smartphone, you can enjoy premium and new features Samsung’s Galaxy S X is going to offer.

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