PUBG Lite for PC Download Review and Features

PUBG Lite for PC

PUBG Lite for PC is awaited over many countries by PUBG Fans. But after worldwide release of this lite version, we can play PUBG without having dedicated gaming Laptop/PC. Moreover, it’s free. Isn’t it amazing!

Firstly, PUBG lite was tested officially on Thailand. That news became viral within short time. Using some tricks, we’ve got an opportunity to test this lite version of PUBG for PC.

Normally, PUBG supports 720p@30 fps in most of the medium specs laptop. And increasing resolution or fps settings can create difficulties while playing. But, the PUBG Lite supports 1080p resolution and high settings supports 60 fps. You can get 100 fps by lowering the settings. This is really amazing work by PUBG.

All this gaming power has a cost to pay by users. Because there is huge difference in graphics between PUBG & PUBG Lite.

PUBG Lite for PC Download Review and Features
PUBG Lite for PC Download Review and Features

The graphics is not that bad as of lite version of android. Every features is alike of PUBG PC. But the downside about this Lite version is that, it doesn’t have auto-pickup function. However, Auto-Reload is available.

PUBG Lite lies somewhere between PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC. Moreover, the windows in this version contains glass, which is quiet opposite in Mobile. And the rollover during landing is also cut-out, which leaves no option but landing straight over feet.

PUBG Lite isn’t as PUBG PC due to the decreased graphics settings. Also the latest maps are not available for PUBG Lite including Miramar and Vikendi.

Other tools like 3x Scope, 6x Scope and laser light etc. are also missing till now. But there is hope that PUBG will make all those features available after full release of this Lite version.

Minimum System Requirements for PUBG Lite

  • Core i3 processor
  • 4 Gb RAM
  • intel HD Graphics 4000

Finally, PUBG seems to rule the gaming world. Providing gaming capability to every users having devices from low-end specs to high-end ones.

How to Download PUBG Lite?

Go to and search or PUBG Lite to download official version of PUBG Lite.

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