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Generation 9 will consist of three mainline games:

1.Pokemon Let’s Go Togepi and Let’s Go Pichu.

Let’s Go Pichu is a retelling of Pokemon yellow and Let’s Go Togepi is a retelling of pokemon Crystal. There only difference is that they start there stories in reverse with Pichu starting in Johto and Togepi starting in Kanto. Additionally we will get hints for generation X and Pokemon Legends Mew which is estimated to release in 2027 and it will blow the Pokemon fanbase since it will be based on a brand new region in the Amazon forest.

2.Pokemon Legends Zygard:
Story Elements:
It is set 600 years after the events of Arceus. The game initiates you in a battle were your avatar weilds a sword alongside your starter Pokemon and you fight to protect Parfum Palace from invading regions. The main story starts with Lysandre in the middle of a battle trying to save his life only to end up to your fully customised character. Your character is basically a young soldier who happens to fight for the freedom of Kalos, Lysandre is teleported in that era and fools you into helping him. Through the main game you get to experience many key events as Lysandre orders you to find several time locks through various locations and use Celebii to help you unlock them. The main goal of Lysandre is to travel back at the 3000 years war to take over the place of King AZ so he himself becomes immortal and rules over Kalos. Weather he succeeds or not we will have to wait and see as this is the cliffhanger for GenX which is the Ultimatum generation for the Pokemon franchise.
The gender of the protagonist affects the game and the story and it also affects the items you can buy from the get go change. I know that if you pick a female character there will be an item that helps you lure in Pokemon similarly to the move Sweet Scent but very early on in the game.
There will be a genderless avatar option to promote equality for the first time.
You are the antagonist and not the protagonist, the protagonist in actually a new NPC that looks like an ancestor of Alan from the XY anime.
An ever evolving world which means you can interact with basically anything and affect the over world. If you release a Mareep and name it Marie it will eventually evolve into Ampharos and keep its nickname which will show in the overworld. Pokemon will die of old age. Your avatar will be able to get married and have children which will also affect how the overworld might change.
Wii’s pokemon ranch is in the game, the whole game is inside the game and not just as a gimmick as suggested in Legends Arceus.
Pokemon breeding is in the game but EVs & IVs don’t return, breeding is just there for obtaining the new baby forms and for *** hunting. There is a new breeding method very late in the game, called “gene manipulation” which is a technology brought from afar from a mysterious scientist that can change your Pokemon into an alternate colouration before it hatches from an egg and even its nature but for a very huge sum of money. This will also be a reference to Pokemon Legends Mew…

Ability to clone Pokemon in Generation 9

Generation 9 will consist of three mainline games:
1.Pokemon Let's Go Togepi and Let's Go Pichu. Let's Go Pichu is a retelling of Pokemon yellow and Let's Go Togepi is a retelling of pokemon Crystal.

Ability to revive fossil Pokemon.
Pokemon cosplay for more species other than Pikachu including Xatu, Mimikyu, Comfey.
Side mission were you get a visit from the ancestor of the Kimono girls from Johto. She will give you a new outfit based on LGP/LGT save files you have. Pokemon cosplay is really early on in the game after five-six hours.
The game is massive more than 300 hours of gameplay if you are a completionist not accounting the grinding time needed for the materials of the dna manipulation machine.
You will need to finish the game many times to unlock its true ending, I doubt that many will do so.

-Starter Pokemon:
No old Pokemn getting regional forms, this time the starters are the ones you get in GenX serving for promotional reason. Your pokemon matters this time because it changes the actions of the game, for example if you have picked then Gen X grass starter. Your rival will pick the strong gen X pokemon of whatever you have picked in this case the fire starter and as soon as you have access to Pokemon ranch he will trade you its first stage of evolution for the first stage evolution of whatever you have picked. The professior will give you the genX starter that is weak to your gen X choice after the credits roll for the first time.
Lysandre will give you an Ash-greninja after you finish some side quests.
Gen 1, 6 & 9 starter pokemon are roaming in the wild. Gen 1 starter Pokemon get a new typing, Venusaur is Grass/Fairy, Blastoise is Water/Fairy and Charizard is Fire/Fairy. Basically the all look like toon versions of there original evolutions and as if they have come from a fairy tale. The idea is that they have come from a wormhole and they are in fact from another dimension.
Gen 6 pokemon, nothing special.
Gen 9 pokemon will receive split evolutions despite being really new to the franchise
The map is as big as the map of Xenoblades Chronicles and you get to visit Kalos, the Iberian peninsula and the Savii islands.
-Wild Pokemon that travel in herds and packs show that tendancy for example you might encounter a pack of six Mighthyeans or a herd of thirty Tauros…
-This game makes the hard difficulty of BW2 seem like a laughing joke. This will be tha hardest Pokemon game ever created and a reference point of difficulty in open world games.
Pokemon Type Changes in generation 9
Flying will turn into a special type and it will be promoted with a new Eeveelution.
New Pokemon in generation 9
86 brand new Pokemon, 43 of which are preevolutions and evolutions of existing pokemon
-Lickitung gets a pre evolution, baby form, it is really cute and it is an updated version of the cut content from gen 2 games. It’s animation has a held item, a baby toy, similarly to Cubone holding a Bone Club. In order to evolve it you have to give it this item and use it in battle for a set amount and then the item is consumed and Lickitung evolves. It’s pokedex entry suggests it sticks its tongue out because it is trying to spit out the item it swallowed. It can now learn a new move which is its signature move that functions like Stockpile and Swallow (with the effects of Spit Up). Raising its defenses and healing it, much like how Shelter does in PLA.
-Jynx receives pre-evolution, a male evolution, and an evolution for both genders. The pre-evolution is a new baby Pokemon which can only be male and it is ice & poison type. Smoochum still keeps its 100% female ratio and it evolves into Jynx. The male baby will evolve into Jenx, a new sly humanoid looking pokemon. Jynx and Jenx don’t get along. Jenx is of Ice & Poison type and is a very aggressive Pokemon, thus the reason Jynx had to develop the Psychic typing to properly fend off Jenx’s abusive attitude. They both receive an evolution. Jynx becomes Ice & Fighting and Jenx Ice & Dark which further more suggests the struggle between the male and female evolutions of this pokemon line. I am expecting the pre-evolution of Jynx to drop in the PLA dlc coming this year. Do note that they will be classified as Nidoran male and Nidoran female and their evolutions, differently, the first time this happens ever since the fist generation
The fossil Pokemon of Galar are also in the game but instead of four there are twelve different of them and there is a side quest where you have to go gather them all. It feels like Jurassic World Dominion where dinosaurs have escaped. The scientist who messed up with them will then give you her cloning device so you better keep care of it. Lysandre then teams up with the mysterious guy that can manipulate the DNA of Pokemon in egg and tweeks this machine for you to be able and use to clone Pokemon in the sense of duplication. This will use a lot of materials though and in theory you will be able to clone everything as *** shinified *** but it will take dozens of hours of grinding.
-AZ Floette is a new regional form of Floette found in the new Iberian region.
-Vivillion appears as a flightless bug/normal type Pokemon, there is a whole side quest that as the overworld evolves and progresses Vivillion evolves into a bug/flying Pokemon due to its original nesting place been taken over by Heatran causing it to flee and evolve into a flying type so it can migrate. Not all Vivillion forms are in the game the way we are used to know them but instead Vivillion camouflages itself according to the environment, similarly to how Cherrim auto changes form.
-Buizel gets a pre-evolution, nothing special
-Paras gets a pre-evolution and it gets a new regional evolution without its fungi but instead with a shellder on its back (poor little guy) which evolves into a new Bug/Water type Pokemon. This is a branch evolution not a regional variant of Paras.
-Primeape gets an evoluton which much like Ursaring to Ursaluna, loses its bipedal ability and walks on its legs. It becomes significantly bigger (imagine steelix to Alpha Steelix difference), it grows an extra pair of legs, but keeps its two arms. It is a fighting & ground type.
-Spinarak and Ariados receive a regional form, which is Bug type for both of them. Ariados also receives a new evolution which is really frightening and it will give kids nightmares, it plays a role similar to the warden pokemon in PLA, and it’s evolution is Bug/Dark.
-Through cosplay Xatu can become Ghost, Fairy, Poison, losing its flying type.
-Through cosplay Mimikyu can become Poison, Flying, Psychic, losing its fairy type.
-Through cosplay Pikachu gets a ghost, fairy, poison dual typing with electric.
-Through cosplay Comfey gets a dual ghost, poison, psychic typing with fairy.
-Most Gen 3, 4, 5 & 8 pokemon are cut out. No Blaziken and Sceptile sorry.
Lore: in gen 9 we will get to explore the Iberian peninsual.
It will tie all the lose ends between regions and will receive a dlc exclusively for Nintendo Club premium membership (the upgraded Nintendo pay per month version that allows you to have access to N64 games).
Gen 9 is ment to bring all regions together and reconnect all regions, since some regions are still in a cold war kind of state due to their conflicting history.
Gen 9 might start of like a happy cheerful lazy laid back game story but it will become dark and grim as the story progresses and we will even get to learn about the annihilation of whole region 3000 years ago.
DLC is about AZ’s war and how he destroyed the so called Indian region.
-Flabbebbe gets new forms because of new flowers
-Zangoose and Seviper receive a cross trade evolution likewise shelmet/karrablast
-New baby Pokemon: baby Zangoose, baby Seviper, baby male Jenx, baby Lickitung, and a new baby complicated bovine pokemon…
-Goldeen and Seaking receive a new regional variant, also mono water type
-Mudsdale and Zebrstike are in the game, nothing different, I just thought I should let you know
-Tauros and Miltank can now breed and their offspring is a brand new pokemon which evolves into four different Pokemon, if male it can evolve into Tauros, if female into Miltank, if after performing in pokemon contests it can evolve into Bouffalant and if modifed with the dna manipulation machine it will evolve into a Minotaur looking humanoid bovine creature. Who could have guessed back in gen 1 that Tauros could be long distant relative with a legendary Pokemon. Its Pokedex entry suggests it comes from a far off land from eons ago.
-The map features Kanto and Galarian ponytas and rapidashs running around the fields in large herds.
-Most single stage Pokemon from gen 7 get a first stage evolution and a final evolution.
-Bruxish and Pyukumuku get a new regional variant.
-Crabrawler gets a new evolution being a fighting / fire type.
-Milcery gets a brand new evolution that resembles a churro and it has several different outlooks depending on the ingredients and its “taste” likewise with Alcremie.
-Stonjourner is no longer a single stage pokemon…
-Urshifu receives a fighting/steel type evolution.
-Meloetta receives a new normal/fairy form.
-Savii islands are included
– Gen 9 ends with a free huge update at 2029 that will add a brand new area similar to Morocco which will serve as a whole preview for gen X and its new region that is based on Africa and it will be vast at least twice as the map of The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall.
-The new game gimmic will be all about changing the type of your Pokemon at will and the story will dig deeper in the theory of pokemon and humans fusing together.
-There is a lot of time travel in this game. Celebi will play an important role in gen 9.
-Porygon receives a normal/poison type branch evolution to represent modern day PC viruses.
-The new legendary Pokemon are a Knight and a Dragon, the one is fairy and steel type and the other is dragon and fire type. There abilities are reversed and are applied for three turns after switching in a pokemon fight. The Knight has an ability that doesn’t calculate super effective damage received when attacked similar to the filter abiltiy and also boosts defense per attack or special defense per special attack. The Pokemon starts with -1 speed. The Dragon has an ability that doesnt calculate type resistances when attacking similar to Tinted Lens ability and it increases its attack if it defeats a pokemon with an attack or increases special attack if it defeats a pokemon with a special attack. All of its attacks and special attacks have a -1 accuracy. After three turns both abilities are calmed, the Pokemon receive the drowziness volatile condition and basically force you to switch out.
-A third legendary Pokemon based on the spirit of a maiden turned into a witch, it is a female legendary ghost / normal type. Its ability is basically a mixture of embargo and snatch, since it allows it to use all beneficary effects of all Pokemon in battle (including ally pokemon in double battles) and all beneficary effects of all healing moves.
-Gen 2 scrapped Celebii concept will become a new legendary Pokemon, known as the Shaman trickster Pokemon that can manipulate time and memories. It is dark/psychic type. It has an ability that upon switch in, it sets weird room which reverses that status effects, burn now doubles damage from physical attacks, toxic restores health points, sleep is cured and increases evasion and accuracy, paralysis doubles speed and provides a +1 priority to all non damaging moves. Really powerful for double battles.
-Glastrier and Spectrier are in the game, a new legendary Pokemon that resembles Don Kichotes is in the game (instead of Calyrex), it is a steel/normal type, when merged with Glastrier it becomes steel/ice and with spectrier steel/ghost.

The starter pokemon of gen 9 have split final evolutions: Sprigadido will be grass/fire in scarlet/violet but grass/water in PLZygarde, Quaxly will be water/grass in PSPV but water/fire in PLZ and Fuecoco will be Fire/Water in PSPV but Fire/Grass in PLZ. There split evolutions will be item/food based and humanoid based. Suggesting Pokemon fusion with humans.

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