One Piece Chapter 1056 reddit spoilers

Thanks to Etenboby and others on Worstgen.

Chapter Title is Cross Guild. Here is the list of, available spoilers for – one piece chapter 1056. My previous predictions were accurate, and those predictions were removed by youtube. So, this video might be deleted as well. If you want real spoilers, hit that subscribe button – to get fresh updates before it gets deleted. Now let’s move towards chapter 1056:

  • Chapter title is referring to – Buggy’s new organization in the news, which Crocodile and Mihawk, are a part of.
  • Buggy, put bounties on Marine’s heads.
  • Neko and Inu are staying in Wano, and they choose Carrot, as their successor – to lead the Minks.
  • Shinobu, is beautiful again – thanks to Aramaki’s attack.
  • Luffy, Kid and Law, set off in different routes, like – it was explained in Fishman Island.
  • Kid leaves Wano, but it is not to go after Shanks, he is looking for someone else.
  • At the end of the chapter, we see Yamato standing on the castle roof.
  • Jump Break next week (No chapter for any of the SJ mangas)

Lots of unconfirmed spoilers, are being posted on other forums, with some definitely being fake which is why – there are no updates to this yet. I will update the spoilers ASAP, until then stay subscribed.

The Yamato situation is unclear at the moment. None of the reliable spoiler providers have explained what exactly happened. Wait till next update. Thank You!