One piece chapter 1048 spoiler: All you need to know

One Piece chapter 1048 spoiler: In the last chapter’s final panel, we saw Luffy poised to strike Kaido’s massive fist. Luffy’s fist is the size of the island of Onigashima; if he is struck, everything would be destroyed. However, Luffy had previously entrusted Momonosuke with the final results. Momonosuke was likely to be tasked with the responsibility of defending the island of Onigashima.

Because if it fell to the ground, it would cause many people to die a horrible death. However, Momo has not been able to create a fire cloud till now. Therefore, how could he master its use and be sufficient to defend an island? There was speculation that he might use the lanterns’ flames to make clouds.

The lanterns should have reached the sky by now, and Momo would have probably done the necessary with their modest flames. Although this is a remote possibility, it is an excellent suggestion. This event aims to follow the deal, and if it contributes to the survival of thousands of people, it will be a wonderful success. People would be able to get a good glimpse at the enormous reddish-colored Dragon if it truly created a fire cloud.

And when the Dragon transformed into an adult Momonosuke rather than Kaido, he was instantly popular with the citizens. Parents are almost certain to notice his amazing similarity to Oden. It will herald in change, and people will recognize that their days of servitude are drawing to a close with the arrival of the Dawn of Wano.

One Piece chapter 1048 spoiler prediction

The following prediction is done by loveYamato from reddit.

It is hard to tell but at this stage we have several options,

1- Denjiro and Orochi several panels

2- Luffy and Kaido finishing stage

3- Momo controlling the Onigashima’s movement

4- Backstory of Kaido

5- I think there is not any thing left from this arc

Another one piece chapter 1048 spoiler prediction

This prediction is done by Numerous-Swing-5783 from reddit.

Chapters are too difficult to predict so I’m just gonna take a stab and see where it goes:

-Our boy Denjiro will finally come back to the keyboard after being AFK for so long, and he gonna deliver a deadly blow that cuts off Orochi’s last head

-Momo start panicking more and more as the island falls, causing him to not focus. However, he sees floating lanterns from the fire festival and realizes all of the Wano citizens and their wishes for freedom. He then reminds himself of Yamato’s words to him that he was the one who would guide the world to dawn and his mother’s last words to him. Momo clutches out and moves the island. The citizens think it’s Kaido coming for their asses lmao.

-Some shots of reactions and movement below the roof

-Luffy throws a big boy fist that grazes the edge of the island that Momo moved at the last second. Kaido says that he ain’t called the worlds strongest creature for nothing and busts out a trump card attack that does DEADLY damage to Luffy. Luffy keeps throwing the fist regardless of the extreme pain he’s in and sends Kaido right to where BM landed. Luffy is VERY VERY CLOSE TO DEAD AND NEEDS IMMEDIATE HELP. It’s safe to say the fight ended in a draw, though objectively Luffy won.

-The citizens see a giant shadow of Nika Luffy casted from the moonlight. They think a god of some sort is actually coming to listen to their wishes and grant them

-Kaido sees himself lying beside his fallen companion. He begins recalling the battle of God Valley and his time of the Rocks crew. Flashback begins (or starts next chapter)

One piece chapter 1048 spoiler prediction along with chapter title

This prediction is done by KayWWW on reddit.

Tittle: The Dawn

  • Luffy attacks Kaido with his new attack – Gomu Gomu no Nuke
  • Kaido blocks with his own attack and a struggle between the 2 attacks starts
  • The haki clash is huge and blows away all the clouds
  • The citizens of Wano see Onigishima in the sky and a huge fist colliding with Kaido
  • Momo tries to move Onigishima, but keeps failing. Untill the lanterns from Wano reach him and he hears all the wishes from them
  • Momo finally moves Onigashima
  • Luffy wins the struggle and blows Kaido down to the ground with a huge explosion, at the same time Orochi is killed by Denjiro
  • The citizens from Wano are at awe at what they are witnessing, while the sun starts to rise (dawn)
  • Chapter ends with Luffy smiling and loosing consciousness and starting to fall down