Now Unlock Laptop/PC with Android!

Unlock Laptop/PC with Android

Yeah! it’s all true, you can now Unlock Laptop/PC with Android. This is as amazing as it sounds. However, an app called Remote Fingerprint Unlock is used to perform this task. With this app you can Unlock your multiple PC or Laptops with your fingerprint. This app is free to download. But, there are advanced pro features available for which you have to spend $0.99. Being pro features, it worth a money to buy it.

First of all, multiple device support is available to Unlock multiple devices after one time installation. The amazing part is Wake up on LAN. The Wake up on LAN is useful when you have connected your device in an Ethernet port. With LAN connected, the app automatically unlocks the device after you verify your fingerprint.

Now Unlock Laptop/PC with Android!
Now Unlock Laptop/PC with Android!

Nonetheless, this app features widgets. These widgets unlocks PC directly from home-screen of your Smartphone.

Those were the amazing facts but what about security. Remote Fingerprint Unlock uses Encryption to exchange information between PC and Smartphone. Not only this but also it doesn’t stores any password entered by users.

There are many features including security. This app is simple to install and use as well. Android 6.0 or higher is the requirement to install this app and windows PC or laptop obviously. Download app for android and zipped exe file for PC and install it.

  • After complete installation, press Windows + L in your PC to lock your computer.
    Now Unlock Laptop/PC with Android!
    Now Unlock Laptop/PC with Android!

    Because login screen provides the only way to communicate from Android to PC.

  • Now in your android, open that app, and go to Scan menu.
  • If automatically detected, it’s okay but if not detected then manually install your PC’s IP and you’re ready to go.
  • Finally click Save to save your information.
  • Now head towards Accounts.
  • Select Add an Account.
  • Insert the Windows Account which you wish to unlock by fingerprint.
  • Finally it’ll asks for session id confirmation.
  • Match the Pin from your computer and Smartphone.

    Now Unlock Laptop/PC with Android!
    Now Unlock Laptop/PC with Android!
  • And tap Proceed.

This is a one time process for one PC. Follow the exact process to add other devices and  enjoy fingerprint unlock.

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