How to Install PUBG Lite on GameLoop

PUBG Lite GameLoop

Well, most of us are PC addicts. So, when a mobile game releases on android platform, we find it interesting at first but when a time goes by, the competition levels up. So, does our gameplay and that is where a Gameloop is required.

PUBG lite is available on Official PUBG site, you can download and play it instantly. But the features Gameloop provides can not be compared with the PC version of Lite PUBG.

Therefore, this article is useful for you if you have PUBG on the gameloop but you can’t find PUBG lite.

I’ve made a YouTube video on How to Install PUBG Lite on GameLoop Without Any Issue.

I made this video Feb 25, 2020. However, there are many updates after that. After 6 months of making this video I checked the process still works or not. And I found out that, the PUBG Lite installation steps have been easier than before.

It is easily available on Gameloop store.

It usually works for most of the users. But unluckily it didn’t worked for me. So, I tried the method I’ve shown you on the video. That worked for me again.

Can I play PUBG LITE on Garena?

And there are some devices that don’t support these methods. If you’ve one of that kind of device, then try using other emulators until I get some fix.

There might be many reasons behind this problem. But the settings you previously changed or the default settings of your device might be blocking your device from running the Gameloop.

Finally, I want to suggest you to use other emulators for a while. I will search for the solution or the future update might fix this automatically.

Thank You.
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