How to Speed Up Torrent Download Speed

Speed Up Torrent Download Speed

You need uTorrent version 3.5.5 or above to apply this this method. If your uTorrent version is lower than 3.5.5 please update it first and apply the steps below to speed up uTorrent Download speed.

Open up uTorrent 3.5.5, as you normally do. Follow the steps carefully as these steps interferes with very important features of uTorrent. So, without a delay let’s start:

First of all go to Options tab from top left corner of uTorrent. Then click on preference which will open up a new tab. After this, please follow these steps carefully. Go to:


This option normally deals with ports. So, we’ll have to check and un-check available options. But first set the Port Used For Incoming Connection to 45682. Now,


  • Enable UPnP Port Mapping
  • Enable NAT-PNP Port Mapping
  • Add Windows Firewall Exception


  • Randomize port each start

Now, move to Bandwidth Section located just below connection.


Speed Up Torrent Download speed
Speed Up Torrent Download speed

In bandwidth section you’ll see some two options( i.e Maximum Upload Rate & Maximum Download Rate ) whose values are set to 0, if not make them zero first. Then


  • Alternate Upload rate when not downloading
  • Apply rate limit to transport overhead
  • Apply rate limit to uTP connections &
  • Stop transfers on user interaction

Set Global maximum numbers of connections to 2000, Maximum numbers of connected peers per torrent to 1500 and Numbers of upload slots peer torrent to 25.


  • Use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%.

Then move to BitTorrent tab.


How to Speed Up Torrent Download Speed
How to Speed Up Torrent Download Speed

This tab consists of bunch of BitTorrent features left for users to toggle on or off as per their connectivity. Follow the below steps to choose which one is to check and which to uncheck.


  • Enable DHT networks
  • Enable DHT for new torrents
  • Enable local peer discovery
  • Enable Bandwidth management
  • Enable uDP tracker support
  • Ask tracker for scrape information
  • Enable peer exchange
  • Allow incoming legacy connections


  • Limit local peer bandwidth
  • Enable Altruistic Mode.

Set the Protocol Encryption Outgoing to Enable. Now move to Queuing section.

Queuing section

Inside queuing sections we need to change values for some options. So set the values as below:

  • Maximum numbers of active torrents to 100.
  • Maximum number of active downloads to 50.

This much for Queuing Section. Finally, move to Advanced Section.


This option seems a bit complicated than others. But we’ll change values of some options only. We don’t have to go through all these options. Only the major will be changed.

First find dht.rate and change it’s value to 2 and find rss.update_interval and change it to 20.

Finally, after all these changes hit Apply button on the bottom right part of the preference  window to keep the changes. This settings boosted my torrent speed from 1-4 Mbps to 7-10 Mbps. These settings might give you more or less speed than mine, which depends upon your location and service provider.

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