How to Screen Record on Windows 10

Well, Hello there! Content creators and Gamers around the world. To Screen Record on Windows 10, there are several ways available. But, I’m going to show you two of them.

The two ways that I’m going to talk about are by Using external software or without using it. As for me, I use a software called Expression Encoder 4 to record my YouTube videos.

How to Screen Record on Windows 10

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Let’s start with the option which doesn’t need to download and Install extra software. There is a feature for Windows 10 user, which enable them to Record their screen while using specific software. It’s called Xbox Game Bar.

Xbox Game Bar is generally a Xbox feature integrated inside your Windows 10, which give you the ability to play Xbox games, Record them and Share among your friends.

The only limitation while using Xbox Game Bar to Screen Record on Windows 10 is that, you can’t freely record all the activities you want to record. If you’re Recording a gaming video, then you can use this Xbox Game Bar option. It’s really easy to use and provides free features.

To Record Game or Screen on Windows using the Xbox Game Bar, follow these steps:

  • First of all, Open Game or Software you want to Record.
  • Press Alt + Win + G at once.
How to Screen Record on Windows 10
  • Now find Capture tab.
capture Xbox Screen Recorder

Best Screen Recorder to Screen Record on Windows 10

So, there are lots of Screen Recorder claiming the best position. But I’ll suggest you two free software that I personally use.

The first one is for low-end PC, and the name is Expression Encoder 4. It is officially discontinued but you can still download it from various sites. Just be careful, you don’t get virus with it.

And the Second one is OBS Studio. It requires some high specs.

Thank You!