It’s easy. All the water eggs can be fished up. All of them can be picked up out of water that flows. However, you can get water eggs in animal crossing only during Bunny Day.

What are water eggs in Animal Crossing?

Simply, Water eggs are the replacements for fish in the oceans or the rivers flowing through you island. It’s a crafting material. Therefore, whip our your fishing pole over any water source that flows.

water eggs in animal crossing

Where to get water eggs?

Firstly, you can fish for water egges during bunny day as mentioned before. However, Water Eggs can also be obtained while on a Mystery Tour, although Water Eggs will quickly respawn on the rivers and beaches on your own island.

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How Many Water Eggs Do You Need?

Exactly, 33 of the water eggs can be found on the bunny day if you get lucky. A 100% effort is required to obtain all of them. And you only need 33 of them at least to complete Bunny Day clothing items. Otherwise, 21 of them will be enough to complete all the DIY items for the Bunny Day event.

How much do water eggs sell for Animal Crossing?

  • Water-Egg Outfit – 1200 Bells
  • Water-Egg Shell – 800 Bells
  • Water-Egg Shoes – 800 Bells

How do you catch a water egg?

As mentioned before, you need to get your fishing gear ready. Anhd then you need to start fishing just like you fish on the water. In this way, you can get water eggs in animal crossing.

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