How to Get Conqueror in PUBG

PUBG has launched its new season which is Season 14 worldwide on 14 July. Season 14 has been released with several new features and updates in comparison to the previous one. Elite Royal Pass rewards along with a new tier were added to Season 14.

The Conqueror is the highest tier in PUBG added in Season 14 as well. To reach the Conqueror tier/rank doesn’t seem easy though. It requires some of the best skill set due to the limited quota and higher competition.

This article is a quick guide on how to Get the Conqueror tier in PUBG. Which is the Highest tier and elite too in PUBG as well.

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Requirements to Get Conqueror Tier in PUBG

For now, the requirements for being a Conqueror is not as simple. Rather, due to the high competition, PUBG made it a bit limited for up to 500 players. This means you need to be on the top 500 list of your server. This requirement seems a bit more competitive and the hardest of all.

Moreover, the points needed to reach ace tier is 4200 points. And in case of conqueror, you’ve to have more than 4200 points and also you’ve to be inside top 500 in the server as well.

Simply, if you reach ace tier with 4200 points and increased points afterwards and became top 500 player then you’ll be converted to Conqueror within some hours. This is as simple as it is to understand though hard to keep.

So, if you want to be sure you stay as a conqueror, you’ve to be inside the top 200-250 and push your rank further. Otherwise, you have got a lot of competition.

Being the top ranking tier, pro-players are really working on their skills to push their rank forward and stay on the top.

If you’re trying to push your rank as a conqueror, then you can try to push in solo or duo server. If you’ve your perfect squad then you try with them. But if you don’t have a squad to push rank higher then you can use solo or duo for low competition and faster achievement of Conqueror tier.

Rewards after being Conqueror in PUBG

The Conqueror tier brings you such higher rewards:

  • 2k Silver Fragments
  • Season Conqueror Title
  • Season Conqueror Frame
  • Mythic Entry Effect

Tips to reach Conqueror Fast

  • You can use FPP in order to rank as fast as you can because of lower competition. It will take 24 hours to set you in a conqueror once you fulfilled the requirements.
  • Prepare to gain 5800 points
  • Push rank as fast as you can
  • Push rank at the beginning of the season for less competition.
  • Play Safe

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