How To Convert BP Into UC In PUBG Mobile

Convert BP Into UC In PUBG Mobile

According to some of the most popular youtuber, PUBG mobile is getting a new subscription method. Those two subscription are PUBG mobile prime and Prime plus subscription. And surprisingly both the subscriptions will allow players to convert their BP into UC.

Meanwhile, the exchange rate will be higher like 1000 BP for 10 UC. This subscription system allows PUBG players to gain UC, which can further be used to buy items from stores.

Price for PUBG Mobile Prime Subscription

The PUBG Mobile Prime Subscription costs about $0.99 per month. This subscription gives access to convert your BP upto 150UC, which is a lot for store but less in amount. Not only the BP to UC conversion, but it’ll give you rewards like ID’s and some UC’s as well for logging into the game. Some features of PUBG Mobile Prime Subscription:

  • 10UC per daily log-in
  • Gain RP points
  • Crate coupons
  • Room card
  • 150UC

Price for PUBG Mobile Prime Plus Subscription

With an introductory price of around $4.99, the prime plus subscription is going to cost about $9.99 per month. It’ll double up the amount of UC that is given in Prime (only) subscription.

It means, players will get 300 UC and plus 20 UC for daily login bonus along with an ID card, room card, and a crate coupon.

The total amount sums up to 900 UC per month for the very first month of Prime Plus subscription. Some features of PUBG Mobile Prime Plus Subscription:

  • Gain extra XP per match
  • Access to exclusive RP missions
  • 20UC per daily log-in
  • Rename card
  • Room card
  • Coupon scraps
  • 300UC

To sum up, both of these memberships will grant you daily UC as well as the aforementioned perks, alongside getting extra XP and RP points added to your RP (further not specified),” the post reads. “Whether these special offers come with the 0.10.0 has not been confirmed as of yet.”

If these subscription becomes public, lots of players are going to enjoy the BP to UC conversion. But the release date is still uncovered. Hope, tencent will release make these subscriptions available very soon.

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