Emotes are a form of expression which primarily allows players to communicate during a battle. Most Emotes play an animation accompanied by a sound effect. Emotes can be sent while participating in a battle, when spectating a battle, or in the chat of a Clan by tapping the corresponding button.

Royal Giant Emote

Types of Emotes

There are two main types of Emotes: regular and Exclusive. The only visual difference between regular Emotes and Exclusive Emotes is that Exclusive Emotes have a Legendary border around them. From a technical standpoint, Exclusive Emotes are only available for a limited amount of time, and can never be obtained once the time period has passed. There are certain regular Emotes which are partially exclusive upon their release; they lack a Legendary border, but will not appear in the Shop’s Emotes section for purchase until a certain time period has passed.

There is a “third” Emote type which can only be accessed when the player is participating in battle, and they appear as text bubbles. These Emotes only contain the basic pop-in animation and no sound effect, but instead of showing an animation, they display a line of text. There are currently only 6 text bubbles, all available by default. In English, they are (from top to bottom, left to right) “Good luck!”, “Well played!”, “Wow!”, “Thanks!”, “Good game!”, and “Oops.” Trainer Earl has custom text bubble emotes, such as “Deploy your troops!” and “You’re learning fast!”


Outside of battle, the player can see their Emote collection by tapping the “Cards” section at the bottom of the main menu, then tapping the tab labeled with 3 speech bubbles at the top of the screen, next to the “Battle Deck” section. Here, they can create an “Emote Deck” of 8 Emotes, which will appear immediately upon tapping the ellipsis speech bubble in battle. Below the Emote Deck is the player’s entire Emote collection, along with a list of non-Exclusive Emotes that have yet to be collected.

clash royale emotes

Obtaining Emotes

From the start of the game, the player has access to 4 default King Emotes and the 6 text bubbles. They can obtain additional Emotes through various means:

  • In the Shop, special offers containing an Emote may appear from time to time, regular or Exclusive.
  • Below the Shop’s Daily Deals, there is an “Emotes” section which displays 3 random, non-Exclusive Emotes (which Emotes appear are different for each player). They can be purchased for 250 Gems each.
  • In the Events tab, there are sometimes Special Challenges which contain an Emote, regular or Exclusive, as a reward for reaching a certain amount of wins.
  • On the Trophy Road, a few Emotes can be obtained by reaching certain amounts of Trophies on the Trophy Road. Currently, these are the only way to obtain these Emotes (they do not currently appear in the Shop’s “Emotes” section). The emotes are 5992 and 198 on the page.
  • On the paid side of Pass Royale, reaching a certain Crown tier will award an Exclusive Emote each season.
  • There are certain events outside of the game which can award Emotes. For example, by linking a Supercell ID to Clash Royale, the player can obtain an Exclusive Emote.

Emote List

E” indicates that the Emote is Exclusive and will never appear in the Shop’s “Emotes” section for purchase.

“—” indicates that the Emote has been announced or appeared in some trailer, but is not yet obtainable in-game.

(Note: The numbers corresponding to each Emote here may not necessarily line up with the order in which they are displayed in-game. They are numbered for convenience, such as when referring to them in other areas of the wiki.)

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