How To Get Birthday Notifications On Facebook

You are using Facebook for a long period of time in order to stay connected with your friends, colleagues, and Families. Being so much popular Social Media, Facebook lets us share Photos and Videos in different ways. And it provides much more features to us. And one of them is Notifications.

There are different types of notification Facebook send to us. However, the Birthday Notification is one of the most important in this category. So, the notification goes both ways, your birthday notifications to others and other birthday notifications to you.

However, we’re going to focus on Getting Birthday Notifications. So that we can receive the Upcoming Birthday notifications and wish the users in advance or be prepared at least.

In this article, I’m showing you the process of How To Get Birthday Notifications On Facebook. Read this whole article to know more.

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How to Receive Birthday Notification on Facebook

Facebook has a separate feature from which you can easily Enable and Disable such notifications you receive often. But sometimes the problem occurs due to a faulty app update or some internal errors.

Follow these steps carefully to Get Birthday Notification on Facebook

  • Open (Using App or from Web Browser, the process remains the same for both platforms)
  • Click on Drop Down Arrow from the top-right corner. On a smartphone, you will see three lines Click on it.
  • Click “Settings & Privacy
  • Then Click “Settings
  • Scroll Down Until you find “Notifications“.
  • Click on “Notifications“. You’ll get inside Notification settings.
  • Scroll down until you see Birthdays & Click on it.
  • Turn on “Allow Notifications on Facebook“.

So, from now on you start getting each and every upcoming birthday notification. If the “Allow Notifications on Facebook” is turned on and you still didn’t get a notification for birthdays then you must try this next fix for your Browser or App.

Troubleshoot Tips for Getting Birthday Notifications on Facebook

  • Log out of Facebook from your app or Browser.
  • If you’re using Facebook from Browser or Computer then you must clear Cache & Cookies.
  • Check the version of your App or browser. Update it if needed.
  • Now restart your device. (Smartphone or PC)
  • From Smartphone, Uninstall and Re-install Facebook app.
  • Finally login to Facebook and try again.

After completing these steps, your problem is fixed. If you still miss birthday notifications, then you should contact Facebook Support to resolve your problem.

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