Gameloop pubg & free fire lag fix | Best gameloop setting for pubg & free fire on low end pc | Low end pc setting 100% works

When it comes to the compatibility of mobile games on PC, Gameloop is definitely the way to go as this app player has been my favourite for so long. With it’s optimization capacity for games, many low spec users are more interested towards Gameloop. I’ve received an enormous amount of requests from you guys about the best settings of this emulator. So, this video is dedicated to all of you.

We can easily play all the games at higher settings. But there are some players like me, who have a lot of interest in playing Games – FreeFire – PUBG. But the device specifications become a bottleneck between me and my phone’s smooth gameplay.

So, in my gaming journey I used to adjust some settings from inside Games – FreeFire – PUBG as well as Gameloop settings and some major system settings as well to gain some Performance and FPS boost.

Hi & welcome to Nepackz.

And In this Article, I am going to guide you through the only way to fix Lags on Gameloop while playing Games – FreeFire – PUBG for very low end PCs. We’ll start our adjustments from Gameloop’s – FreeFire’s – PUBG in-game Graphics settings. And then we’ll adjust some system settings as well. And after that, I’ll show you How you can step-up the overall performance of your device.

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So, let’s begin without any delay.

Best Gameloop PUBG Setting on Low End PC

  • First of all, open PUBG and go to settings.
  • I’ll make a different video for these gameplay adjustments. But for this article, let’s go to Graphics Settings.
  • I’ll adjust the settings of Combat only because this tutorial is going to be very long. And you can copy the combat settings and adjust the same settings to lobby as well.
combat settings bluestacks
  • First of all, we’ve Graphics settings. Normally, It’s good to lower upto the bottom but keep it Balanced.
graphics settings bluestacks
  • Now Keep Medium Frame Rate. Because the combination of Balanced Graphics and medium Frame rate gives more details.
frame rate settings bluestacks
  • Set the Style to Classic. As it makes it easy to Track enemies with medium Frame Rate.
style bluestacks settings
  • Turn Anti-Aliasing Off. It’ll make the texture smooth and we don’t want the smoothness. Because the movement will be blurry and less visible.
general settings pubg bluestacks
  • Leave the Colorblind Mode.
  • Disable Shadows as well. Because the Shadows options fit better with higher gameplay settings.
shadows settings pubg bluestacks
  • Increase brightness upto 110 to clearly see the texture to track movements.
brightness settings pubg bluestacks
  • Once you set all these Settings, Close the Settings menu from PUBG.
  • Now Close the game as well.

Best Gameloop Freefire Settings for Low End PC

After the In-game settings, let’s move to FreeFire settings.

  • First of all, open FreeFire and go to Settings.
  • I’ll make a different video for these gameplay adjustments. But for this tutorial, let’s go to Display Settings.
  • First of all, we’ve Graphics settings. Normally, It’s good to lower upto the bottom but let’s keep it Standard.
  • Now on the High FPS Option choose Normal, Because the combination of Standard Graphics Settings and Normal Frame rate gives more details while gaming.
  • Inside the Minimap, Rotating would be better for me.
  • And finally, the Notch Screen settings are for those players who have a notch or a hole in their display. Turn it on if your screen has a notch on it. (For Android Smart users)
  • Once you set all these settings, close the Settings menu from FreeFire.
  • Now close the game as well.

These are the settings of Freefire only. Now, we’re going to change settings from inside Gameloop.

Best Gameloop Settings for Low End PC

After the In-game settings, let’s move to Gameloop settings.

  • First of all, access the Settings menu from this settings icon located at the top-right part of Gameloop Emulator.
  • Inside Settings we have 4 different options available. Basic, Engine, Model & Game.
    • Inside the General Tab, uncheck all three options & then move to Engine Tab.
  • Inside Engine, you’ll see Screen rendering mode with three different options. I’d suggest you try OpenGL+ at first. And if it doesn’t seem to work, change it to Direct X. Because some CPUs are more Compatible with Directx & some are more with OpenGL. And same goes with GPU as well.
    • Turn OFF Anti Aliasing.
    • Keep Memory to 512 M.
    • Choose 2  Processors.
    • Lower the resolution to 1024*576.
    • Keep Screen DPI to 160.

You can leave the Playback Device and Recording Device option

  • Just below the Screen rendering mode, you’ll see Five different options. Some of them are already checked and some unchecked. So, Check them all as well. Because these options are all related to improving performance.
  • Inside the Model option, choose your mobile phone model as Asus ROG 2, because the ASUS ROG 2 is the best gaming smartphone in the market right now.
  • Now, let’s move to the final option-Game.
  • Inside the Game option Choose Game Definition as SD 720p
  • Then choose Smooth Graphic Quality.

And keep the FPS at 30.

These are the settings of Gameloop only. Now, we’re going to change settings from our System. The first thing we’ve to do is to change Default Graphics Settings and set it to Best Performance.

Change Default Graphics Settings of Gameloop on Low End PC

The first thing we’ve to do is to change Default Graphics Settings and set it to Best Performance.

  • To do so, go to Start and search for Settings.
system settings for bluestacks
  • Inside Settings, Choose Display.
display settings for bluestacks
  • Then Scroll down and Select Graphics.
graphics settings for bluestacks
  • Now, under Custom Options for the app section, Choose Desktop App.
desktop app bluestacks
  • Then Click Browse.
browse bluestacks
  • Now follow me carefully. Navigate to your C Drive > Program Files > TxGameAssistant folder.
  • Now scroll down and select AppMarket. The AppMarket application is actually the Gameloop emulator.
  • Then Click on Add.
  • After that Click on Gameloop (AppMarket) and select Options.
  • Inside the pop-up, choose High Performance and Click Save.
high graphics performance bluestacks
  • Now close the settings.
  • After this, let’s change Power Option to Performance Mode.

Enable Performance Mode to get more fps on Gameloop.

  • Go to start and search for the control panel.
control panel settings for bluestacks
  • Select Hardware & Sounds.
harware and sound settings for bluestacks
  • Go to power options.
power options settings for bluestacks
  • Now, you might have an option called Performance, choose it.
high performance settings for bluestacks
  • And if you want to create your own power plan, Click on Create a Power plan from the left hand side.
create a power plan for bluestacks
  • Then Select High Performance.
  • Under the Name section, write High Performance And click next.
high performance power plan for bluestacks
  • Finally click on create.
create power plan for bluestacks

Now after setting the High performance power plan, close the control panel.

After Selecting High performance mode, now let’s enable Game Mode.

Enable Game Mode on System Settings for Gameloop on Low End PC

Follow these steps to enable game mode on Gameloop.

  • Go to Start and search for Settings.
open settings for bluestacks
  • Open Settings.
  • Go to Gaming.
gaming settings for bluestacks
  • Click on Game Mode.
game mode bluestacks
  • Then Enable game mode from here.
enable game mode for bluestacks

After all these settings. A final settings still remains. It’s about the system priority for specific apps.

Give High Priority to Gameloop for FPS & Performance boost

Finally, the most important setting we’ve to set is priority.

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and Task Manager will open-up.
task manager settings for bluestacks
  • From there go to the Details tab.
details option to find bluestacks
  • Go to Appmarket or Gameloop and right click on it.
  • Hover over set priority and select priority to High.

Do this just before playing a game. If you do this at first then your system will lag. This setting will utilize your PC’s resources mostly to Bluestacks. And you’ve to do this process every time, before you play Games – FreeFire – PUBG

These are the major settings you have to change in order to get more FPS and Improve performance. In the upcoming days, I’ll find new tricks and methods to improve performance of your device & I’ll update this article ASAP. Till then stay tuned.

Thank You!