How to Export Chrome Bookmarks Easily | Export Google Favorite Pages | Export My Google Bookmarks

You can switch browsers without losing your settings and all the bookmarks for your favorite websites. Normally, we Export Bookmarks for either backup or to transfer it to another browser. You can Import that bookmark on any browser.  It’s easy and fast once you know it. But first, let me show you How?

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First of all,

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Now, Click on this three-dots option menu.
Export Chrome Bookmarks
  • Hover over, Bookmarks Option.
Export Chrome Bookmarks
  • Now, you’ll see different options related to Bookmark. Select Bookmark Manager option.
  • A list of folders showing all your bookmarks will be shown on the Home screen.
Export Chrome Bookmarks
  • Finally click on this three-dots option.

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  • Click on Export Bookmarks.
Export Chrome Bookmarks
  • After that, locate where you want to Save this bookmark file.
  • I’ll save it on my Desktop for now. You can save wherever you want inside your computer.
Export Chrome Bookmarks
  • At last, Click on Save.

Your bookmark has been Saved successfully. Now, you can import that bookmark on another browser or you can transfer this file to another computer through pen drive or by any means and then import it using Import options in order to restore.

I hope this Article was helpful for you.