How to Check Windows Version on Laptop & PC | Windows OS Version, What Version of Windows Do I Have

There are multiple ways to find out what version of Windows you are using. The one I use most is by Settings. It will display the version of Windows you are using, along with other bits of information such as Edition of Windows, Installation Date, Operating System Build number & Windows Feature Experience Pack.

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As I’ve said earlier, there are numerous ways to find out the current version of your Windows. However, in this video I’m going to show you the easiest way to find it out.

  • First of all, Click on the Start Button.
  • Now, make a search for Settings Or you can click this gear icon as well. I’ll go with the search result.
  • When the Settings tab opens up, you may see different options on Windows 10. Just click on System option. On Windows 11, you’ve to scroll down until you see the About option.
  • As Soon as you click on the about option, you’ll find a similar interface to mine.

On the Device Specifications tab, you’ll see information regarding your Processor, RAM, System Type and others. You need to know about the System Type when you download any software from internet. Because the software is made for two different systems: one is 32 bit & the other is 64 bit.

Now, let’s Scroll a bit lower to Windows Specifications.

  • The Edition means the current version of Windows installed on your laptop. It might be Windows 10 Professional, Education and Workstation. And the same options are available for windows 11 as well.
  • Version indicates the current Windows Update your laptop has. Mine is 21H2.
  • The Installation Date can be seen clearly as well.

Video Guide on How to Check Windows Version on Laptop & PC

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