Best SEO Tools for Beginners

Best SEO Tools

SEO is always hard for beginners. But there are handful of tools available which can do your work. You can easily rank your site in google. You don’t need much content in your site to monetize. With Best SEO Tools, you can rank higher as fast as you want.

With these tools you can gain large amount of visitors in short time. So, let’s start the listing without any delay.

Best SEO Tools 2019

Mostly recommended to beginners, MOZ is the best, simple and easy one. They have better user interface. For the first time, when you add your site to MOZ it’ll show you all the errors. Those errors will be your site’s on-page errors. It’ll list your errors by category. Critical crawler issue, Crawler Warnings, Metadata issues, Redirect issues and content issues falls under the category. The best part about MOZ is, it’ll automatically notify you about the errors occurred on your site based upon above categories. Moreover, they tells you about the urgent and non-urgent errors too.

Ubbersuggest allows you to find more keyword which can possibly rank your site. It also provides information on specific keyword. Major factor for SEO is keyword. Your target keyword increases the potential of incoming visitors. If you want to check your specific keyword your site is ranked for, just perform a search. It’ll show information about your keyword such as Keyword Overview, Keyword Suggestions, Keyword Difficulty and Competitive Intelligence.

If you’re not sure about how to write an article, then buzzsumo will be helpful tool for you. Buzzsumo will provide top content in google related and ranked by specific keyword. You don’t want to copy those contents, but you can get idea about how to write a content. Buzzsumo mainly focuses on social share.

Keywords Everywhere
Keyword Everywhere is a free chrome extension. It’ll provide you information about keyword. Moreover, you can get other related keywords to that specific keyword.

ahrefs is the most liked SEO tool so far. Not only beginners but advanced also prefer ahrefs as their SEO tool. It has a cool feature called Link Intersect. What Link Intersect does is, it shows your top 3 competitors and who are linking to them not you. One plus point is, if they are linking to your competitors, they might link to your site too.

Google Trends
Google Trends is helping many people out there to build their brands over year. You can also check your brand. Just type your brand and your competitors brand name and see the result. You can figure out your position against your competitor. You can also improve your brand SEO by using above tools.

Quora is a platform related to Answer the public. In quora, you can find hundreds of topics related to a single term like technology. You can even receive enough traffic bu answering some related questions about your content. Answer the question to the point and provide a link to your site. If they liked your answer they’ll surely visit your site for more information.

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