Best, Cool And Interesting Websites To Instantly Cure Your Boredom

Cool And Interesting

Most of the time, you may’ve found your surrounding so boring. Boredom happens when your mind needs rest. So you have two options left either go to sleep or entertain your mind. There are several ways to entertain your freaky mind but today we’re dealing with the internet stuffs. So, for you and only you we’ve collected 7 Cool And Interesting to entertain you. Entertainment may vary according to your personal interest. But best means best. So check it out.

1. Mental Floss

Mental Floss is a site that delivers smart, fun and shareable content in any boring environment or witty situations. With over 2M+ followers in Facebook an 1M+ Youtube subscribers this site provides about 12M monthly quotes to it’s users. It is an encyclopedia of everything. They answers almost any question in an interesting way so that you’ll share them among your friends or colleagues.

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2. Buzz Feed
Like “The Onion”, buzz feed also provides news and entertainment stuffs. Moreover, buzzFeed is an independent digital media which delivers its content to hundreds of millions of people around the world.
3. The Onion
The Onion is the news publication which offers highly acclaimed universal, international, and local news events. The news from the onion mainly features China, Syria, Somalia, and the former Soviet Union.
4. Giphy
Any facebook user knows this awesome GIF’s making website. Giphy is the resident of most popular Gify’s all over the world. It is a way of presenting humors of yourself in a funny and inoffensive way.

5. Cool Interesting stuff

This site can easily understood by it’s name “CoolInterestingStuff”. It provides varities of informations, including unexplained Mysteries and Strange Things. The site features a collection of unexplained, strange and odd mysteries. Some of the featured topics are unexplained mysteries, weird stuff, aliens, weird stuff, mysteries of world etc.

6. The Moth

If you are one who likes listening to others real life story, live then this site is just for you. This site also features it’s own podcast. It’s more like Ted Shows.

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7. xkcd

Just like a comic book of superheroes and sci-fi related stuffs, xkcd is a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Also, every monday, wednesday and friday you’ll receive an new updates.

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