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Windows 10 Search Bar not Working

Fix Search Bar

It’s pretty annoying when Search Bar on Windows 10 Doesn’t respond. Well, this happens sometimes but when it happens it becomes frustrating. In my opinion, the main cause of this problem is Windows Update. I won’t say Windows Update itself…

How to take Screenshot on Samsung S20

take screenshot on Samsung

The process of “How to Take Screenshot on Samsung S20” has several alternative methods. Plus, it can be applied with other Samsung Phones as well in order to take Screenshots. Answer to Screenshot on Samsung, has two different ways. One…

How to Check CPU Temp in Windows 10

Check CPU Temperature OF wINDOWS 10

Yes, you can easily check the CPU temperature of your device running Windows. Unlike other built-in features, the CPU temp check in Windows 10 is not available as a built-in feature. Several other software can easily provide info about your…

How to Screen Record on Windows 10

How to Record Screen on Windows 10

Well, Hello there! Content creators and Gamers around the world. To Screen Record on Windows 10, there are several ways available. But, I’m going to show you two of them. The two ways that I’m going to talk about are…