Application of Multimedia.

Introduction to Multimedia

Multimedia has become a popular technology in these days. It can be termed as a presentation which involves two or more performing at the same time where the media can be text, graphics, audio, animation, video, and data. It simply can be defined as the integration of many media together. The main ultimate theme of using multimedia is interactivity. In the early days, computers were used for only computing jobs  and only the computer games contain the multimedia. After the advancement of various technologies and CPU which does support multimedia features, now it has been implemented widely in different fields. It has totally changed the  behavioral aspects of mankind.

Application of Multimedia

There are various areas where multimedia can be profoundly expressed. And they are as follows:

  1. Education
    The teaching methodology by using only hearing the lectures in the class makes difficult to understand the topic. So, if we can be able to implement the multimedia presentation of the topic we can easily grasp the concept. Nowadays, many e-books are available in the market which consists of multimedia like electronic encyclopedia, electronic dictionary etc. In addition to this, multimedia has greatly affected medicine for the proper diagnostic of various diseases,  scientific research helps scientist to view and investigation easy to understand, engineering drawings can be interpreted in very easy manner etc. Therefore, education also holds a part as an application of multimedia.
  2. Entertainment
    The entertainment industry has used this technology widely. The mind blowing graphics like i-Robot, terminator, titanic, avatar and many world renowned movies including high resolution graphics and animation, which makes the movies fascinating and full of entertainment.
  3. Web page
    In early days only text was implemented in the web-page which was static in nature. After the advancement of multimedia technologies, nowadays web-page includes graphics and animation, makes dynamic the website eye catching and fascinating.
  4. Business
    These days different marketing advertisement has been used for convincing customer about the product and services. With the help of multimedia featured, the company can elaborate the features of products and feature they give in easy understanding approach.
  5. Office Automation
    The activities like meeting, group discussion, conference and seminars which are core components for the strategic planning of the company must be held in various time periods. These jobs can be made really easy with the help of multimedia though they are dispersed in  various geographic distributions with the concept of video conferencing, audio conferencing and sharing the document.
  6. Communication 
    Today is the communication era. Communication plays the vital role in our life for transferring information. For example, chatting in the previous days was just simply the text now chatting can be done with full use of multimedia like video chatting and audio chatting. This is the boon or the benefit of the multimedia features.

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