All About WordPress 5.0 Update.

WordPress 5.0: A Major Update

WordPress is free, open source system which is based upon MySQL and PHP. Plugin’s architecture and Template System are the main features of WordPress. Talking about it’s audiences or popularity, WordPress is used by 60 million plus sites, in which 30.6% of the sites are the top 10 million. Therefore, WordPress is the mostly liked, used and popular among users, Website Management System.

WordPress has recently released a 5.0 version update. If you’re a regular user, then you’ll find the amount of changes in the platform. Before this, 4.9 update also provided some features to user to schedule design changes, so that the post can be uploaded on the scheduled time or even in past time. 4.8 update on the other hand also featured lots of widgets updates. In WordPress, an individual updates is likely to bring huge and significant changes.

However, the 5.0 update has brought a drastic changes to the panels. Most of them are already known and some of them are to be figured out. The new Gutenberg Editor is outstanding. Though it has a classic looks, the features and other core parts are really awesome. The changes anyone would have expected in version 4  update is available in the 5.0 version. 

Some Changes You Can Expect From WordPress 5.0

The major change over all of them is the block based editor. But here are some of the other changes that proves the WordPress 5.0 as an amazing upgrade:

  • The Platform is running towards more instinctive site building experience.
    In case of Market share, WordPress is already a leading platform itself. Therefore, with the new update, the team is already starting it’s journey to keep the share position away from other competitor website builders. 
  • Rest API’s Improvements.
    Developers of WordPress Rest API have done a great job. They’ve made the send and pull process of data a lot easier. From which the creators can create additional rich contents  and products from your sites.
  • Custom Theme building process has became easier.
    In comparison to the past process while building a custom theme, the process has been easier and much more accessible now.
  • Page Creating Plugins may be inappropriate. 
    The update might not be the best among the competitor page builders, but it can surely dissuade the users to run other page creators in a long run process.
Moreover, if you are still not comfortable with the new update on editor. You might use some help from the picture below, which shows the shortcuts for some of the functions.
All About WordPress 5.0 Update.
All About WordPress 5.0 Update.

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